Our Passion

Our passion is to provide you with great coffee and high quality coffee makers to enjoy an exceptional coffee experience.

We Are Alnoor Coffee

We love Coffee. We think about it, dream about it and strive to get the best possible Coffee experience for our customers. We pay attention to small details about coffee that leads to a nicely brewed coffee cup. Our knowledge and trained personnel make it possible to deliver the market leading complete coffee solutions to our customers.

Meet the Team

Our team includes highly trained and skilled coffee experts. From our coffee trainers and quality managers to our brand and creativity management team, we are all trained Baristas. Our technical and service teams are highly skilled and dedicated in the Middle Eastern Market.  We guarantee good quality customer services and quick response time which leads to increased sales and lesser downtime for our customers.

We provide our partners the access to our dedicated team of qualified baristas, creative team, technicians and managers, who provide you with the required training including marketing & positioning techniques.

So whether it is about establishing a strategic alliance, with state-of the art equipments or supreme taste specialty coffee or delivering you a good quality specialty coffee & accessories, we are here to serve you.

Our History

Alnoor Coffee has been operating in the Middle Eastern coffee market for over 4 years, established in the year 2014 in the heart of Qatar

Our Business

We provide high-quality, full service distribution of coffee, all the equipment and accessories that you need to make coffee professionally. Our wide range of products include specialty coffee beans, grinders, espresso machines, coffee brewers, water kettles, scales, filters and  all barista tools.

Our Customers

Our customer base includes coffee cafes and domestic customers throughout the Middle Eastern markets including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain Kuwait and UAE.

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